A Facebook campaign is trying to get this very relevant Jarvis Cocker song to Christmas number one – and they might just succeed

A Facebook campaign is trying to get this very relevant Jarvis Cocker song to Christmas number one – and they might just succeed

It's been quite an end to the year here in the UK as the general election result proved a surprise for everyone, as the Tories achieved a hefty majority not seen since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

Unless you are an ardent Tory supporter, the prospect of celebrating Christmas and trying to put on a happy face doesn't seem worth the effort after that result but, with that being said, there is nothing like the British sense of humour.

A campaign has been launched to make a 2006 Jarvis Cocker song this year's Christmas Number One, arguably the most important song of the year if the charts are anything to go by.

'Which song is it?' you may ask. Well, it's nothing from his days in Britpop pioneers Pulp but something from his solo career.

'(C*nts Are Still) Running the World' might not be a song familiar to everyone, but in 2019 that sentiment feels more apt than ever.

Here is the song, in case you haven't heard it before but you should probably listen to it with headphones on due to the bad language and all that.

All in all, it does have a Christmassy theme to it, what with all the pianos, so it definitely works at this time of year but we think the message is more important here.

The campaign has caught the public's attention thanks to a Facebook group called 'Fancy Getting "C**ts Are Still Running the World to UK Xmas No.1?'

A description of the group reads as follows:

In light of so much recent election horror, let's do this, eh? Bit of fun to focus on for the next week.

Let's all make 'C**ts Are Still Running The World' the UK Xmas #1!

Purchase the song from iTunes (or wherever) from now until the end of Thursday 19th December.

Their campaign is to either encourage people to purchase the song from iTunes or either stream it at least 100 times on Spotify, which equates to 1 sale.

The group already has more than 9,000 members and it appears to have some sort of effect on the charts as at the time of writing, it has already climbed to number 24 in the top singles charts.

This type of thing is not unprecedented in the UK as Rage Against the Machine's 1991 rebellious anthem, Killing In the Name became Christmas number one in 2009, as a protest to the monopoly that Simon Cowell's X-Factor had held over the Christmas charts for years.

It would be fitting that this song would end up as the 2019 Christmas tune as it not only sums up what is going on in Britain but most of the world. Also, Cocker never had a number one single with Pulp so it would be a nice gift for one of the UK's most eccentric and celebrated songwriters.

We doubt Boris Johnson will be buying a copy but even he would find it hard to deny that it is a very good song.

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