Jennifer Lawrence fans stunned by nude wrestling scene in new movie on Netflix

Jennifer Lawrence fans stunned by nude wrestling scene in new movie on Netflix
Critics Have Seen Jennifer Lawrence’s R-Rated Raunchy Comedy 'No Hard Feelings' And …

Jennifer Lawrence has left viewers of her new film No Hard Feelings stunned by a fight scene on a beach where the Oscar-winning Hollywood A-lister is completely naked.

The sex comedy movie was released earlier this year and was met with mixed reviews but is available for everyone to make their own decision having recently been added to Netflix.

The story focuses on Lawrence's character Maddie who discovers a lucrative job for the summer; dating an introverted 19-year-old, Percy, before he heads off to college.

While the film didn't thrill critics it does hold an 87 per cent audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is now continuing to entertain people now.

One particularly eye-opening scene has been catching viewers' attention for obvious reasons. The scene sees Lawrence and her co-star Andrew Barth Feldman go skinny-dipping on a beach.

However, while the two are in the water a group of drunken teenagers attempt to steal their clothes which they have left on the sand. A naked Lawrence then exits the water and proceeds to fight the teenagers, even hitting one with a suplex.

The scene is obviously played for shock value and it appears that it has achieved its goal.

One viewer wrote: "MF did a whole Brock Lesnar German Suplex with her whole vagina out. Greatest fight scene in the history of fight scenes."

Another said: "I 100% didn’t expect to see a naked Jennifer Lawrence suplex a delinquent like she was f**king Donnie Yen in this movie."

A third wrote: "Never thought I ever wanted to see a naked Jennifer Lawrence do a perfect suplex on an asshole dude who was stealing her clothes but hey, that's why cinema is back"

Speaking to Variety, Lawrence said that she had no hesitation about the scene despite some trepidation by her team. She said: "Everyone in my life and my team is doing the right thing and going, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? I didn’t even have a second thought. It was hilarious to me.”

No Hard Feelings will be available on Digital on August 15th.

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