Comedian Jimmy Carr has blasted an anti-vaxxer who was in the audience for his new Netflix stand-up special; His Dark Material.

The stand-up’s new film lands on Netflix later this month and features Carr’s typically scathing take on the modern world and all that inhabit it.

As you’ve probably guessed Carr spends a bit of time talking about the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines, which he calls “the controversial thing” before asking the crowd: “Who’s not going to take the vaccine because they think it might be dangerous?”

The 49-year-old asks anyone in the audience who is refusing to take the vaccine to raise their hands. Predictably there aren’t many in attendance but one person does stick their hand up.

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However, the hand in the air proved to be the perfect punchline for Carr who quickly fired back with a savage takedown of the anti-vaxxer.

“Now take that hand, and slap yourself in the f**king face,” said a ruthless Carr.

Carr wasn’t done there though. “The spread of Covid was directly linked to how dense the population is,” the comedian explains before pointing at the anti-vaxxer and saying: “And some of the population are really quite f**king dense.”


We doubt this will please any anti-vaxxers but what did they expect at a Jimmy Carr gig?

His Dark Material is released on Netflix on Christmas Day.

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