Jimmy Kimmel somehow got Trump supporters to back Richard Nixon in terrifying clip

Jimmy Kimmel somehow got Trump supporters to back Richard Nixon in terrifying clip

After an eventful week for Trump and the ongoing impeachment hearings, Jimmy Kimmel took on the president’s supporters in his latest prank video.

A short while ago Jimmy Kimmel made us laugh and groan in equal measure when he took to the streets to ask random people if they cared about the extinction of homo sapiens.

Homo sapiens = people, just in case you’re scratching your head. The results of asking this question were, well... absolutely shocking.

It seems that people are actual idiots and the majority of people questioned had no idea what they were talking about, in multiple instances they were actually completely fine with their own species dying off.

Watch it here: People were asked if they cared about 'homo sapien extinction' and their answers were shocking

Now the American talkshow host is back with another zinger, and this time he’s taking on Trump supporters.

In his latest prank members of the public are asked whether the president should be impeached for carrying out certain (illegal) actions. Only, the actions he’s talking about are the actions of former president Nixon and not the current White House resident Trump.

Despite being quizzed on how they felt about the president organising the break-in of the DNC and stealing sensitive documents, none of the people filmed (or the ones that made the final cut), noticed at any point that the interviewer was discussing Nixon. Even when they were asked about Trump's current war in Vietnam.

So far so worrying. But the worst? Many of them argued that these (definitely impeachable) actions were not grounds for impeachment. They were, it would appear, totally fine with the president breaking the law.

A terrifying sign of the times?

Watch the full astonishing clip below.

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