Jordan Peterson is upset that a Nazi in a Captain America comic shares his ideas

Jordan Peterson is upset that a Nazi in a Captain America comic shares his ideas

Jordan Peterson, a Canadian conservative psychologist who gained some notoriety a few years ago his anti-feminist stance, has just discovered that his ideas have been adopted by Captain America’s far-right nemesis the Red Skull.

In an astonishing set of tweets, where Peterson almost realised that he might be the baddie, the outspoken author shared a series of images from the current Captain America series penned by acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates.

In the panels from the comic, the Red Skull, leader of the extreme Nazi offshoot organisation Hydra looks to have adopted an online campaign agenda where he is dishing out rules to his followers and potential recruits.

Some of these guidelines for his ‘Ten Rules of Life’ include ‘chaos and order,’ ‘Karl Lueger’s genius’ (an Austrian politician who is considered to be a model for Hitler’s Nazi Party) and ‘The Feminist Trap.’ Peterson’s best-known book is called 12 Rules for Life.

In another set of panels, Captain America criticises the Red Skull for preying on ‘weak young men’ by telling them that they are “secretly great” and that “if they are truly men, they’ll fight back.”

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Peterson, who was tagged in a tweet about the comic seem flabbergasted that his preaching was now being used by a supervillain, exclaiming ‘what the hell?’

Bizarrely, Peterson even started creating Red Skull memes using his own quotes which probably isn’t a good look.

Coates, who is a long term contributor to The Atlantic, has frequently spoken out and written about institutional racism which has often made him a target for conservative figures such as Peterson and Ben Shapiro, so it’s no surprise that they would be up in arms about the Red Skull now spouting the sort of nonsense that they often do on YouTube and Twitter.

Coates, who has written Captain America since 2018 and is due to finish his run in June, is yet to respond to any of the accusations.

However, it should most likely be viewed that the new Red Skull isn’t based solely on Peterson but a number of conservative figures who have become worryingly prevalent in recent years.

Although as CBR reports, other lines of dialogue in the comic are reminiscent of Peterson’s philosophy and the current character that the Red Skull is embodying, Aleksander Lukin, does bear a resemblance to Peterson.

That being said, it is mildly amusing that Peterson would just presume that a Nazi Marvel villain was now being modelled after him and still not quite clicking that maybe, just maybe, what he’s been saying for years is pretty controversial, hence the amount of mockery currently being aimed at Peterson.

Peterson has long been criticised for his rhetoric, which has included being an advocate for ‘enforced monogamy.’ In 2018, Channel 4 News presented Cathy Newman spoke out against the abuse she received following her interview with Peterson, where she questioned many of his broad generalisations about women and gender.

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