In news that absolutely no one expected to read this morning, Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise in a UFC octagon.

In a bizarre turn of events, the Canadian pop star began promoting some of his new music on Twitter, when all of a sudden challenged the Hollywood a-list to an MMA fight and asked the owner of UFC, Dana White to make the contest a reality.

This seemingly random request from Bieber, who has no prior disagreements or known interactions with Cruise is certainly out-of-the-blue but people are very eager to see the two megastars throw fists at each other.

One of the first people to respond is controversial Irish UFC star Conor McGregor, who has offered to host the fight himself and even offered to fight Mark Wahlberg on the same card...

Is this an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch or did 2019 just get even weirder? Either way, people on Twitter were salivating over the prospect of a fight that 24 hours ago wasn't even a fantasy and yes, there was a lot of memes.

We're not sure what would actually happen if these two got in the ring with each other as they are both in tremendous shape but there is a considerable age and experience difference between the pair, who would probably make a substantial amount of money from such a stunt.

Tom Cruise is yet to respond but you can guarantee that someone within the workings of the UFC has already started making phone calls to the appropriate people.

HT Metro

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