Man shares story about Keanu Reeves buying an ice cream just so he could give him an autograph

Of all the actors currently working in Hollywood, none produce as much fandom and a sense of being a thoroughly decent person than Keanu Reeves.

Although he plays a ruthless and deadly hitman in the John Wick movies, Reeves is reportedly a sweetheart capable of showing great amounts of warmth and empathy.

Unlike some celebrities, he doesn't mind spending some time with his fans to chat, sign autographs or have a photo taken.

In maybe one of the best and most humble Keanu stories we've ever heard, James Dator, a writer for SBNation shared a story about the time he met the star whilst working in a cinema in Sydney, Australia.

Like any other member of the public Reeves had turned up to see a new movie but Dator was a little star struck and forgot to ask him for an autograph but the story didn't end there.

This is as iconic as any of the Keanu stories that we've heard over the years and people are loving it.

It inspired people to share other encounters with Keanu.

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