It might seem like a cliche now but it really is impossible not to love Keanu Reeves and this video from 1984 might make you love the movie star just a little bit more.

A short clip dating back to 1984 sees a very young Reeves reporting on the first International Teddy Bear Convention in Canada for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and is an early example of the purity and happiness that he has instilled in so many of his fans to this day.

The video was shared by CBC on Thursday, which was National Teddy Bear Day but its so good that it works all year round and displays the Canadian actor's charm as well as his comedic side. Arguably the best part of this very silly 60 seconds is Reeves pretending to be 'attacked' by a bear he thought was 'cute' and attempting to carry on regardless.

The video has been viewed more than 52,000 times on Twitter and people are unsurprisingly in love with it.

Reeves filmed this when he was just 20 and working on the Canadian youth show Going Great which he worked on shortly before landing his acting career began to take off. Four years late he would land his first notable role in Dangerous Liasons and after that was the co-lead in the cult film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, a role he recently reprised in Bill & Ted Face the Music.

Elsewhere, he is currently filming the fourth installment of The Matrix franchise and is also set to shoot the next two John Wick movies back-to-back in 2021.

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