Keanu Reeves is all for The Matrix being a trans allegory

Keanu Reeves is all for The Matrix being a trans allegory

A few weeks ago, Lilly Wachowski, one of the co-directors of The Matrix confirmed that the classic sci-fi action movie was an allegory for transgender people.

Fans of the franchise had long speculated about what the deeper meaning of the films actually was with Wachowski, a trans woman along with her sister Lana, confirming the speculation that is a metaphor for the transgender process and the barriers that continue to stand in the way of the trans community, as part of an interview with Netflix which you can watch below.

Keanu Reeves, who starred in the films as the hero Neo who transformed from a body trapped in a computer system to his actual body in the real world, admitted that he had not read the films in this way before Wachowski made the revelation, but he's all for it.

During an interview with Yahoo Entertainment to promote the new Bill and Ted movie was asked what he thought about The Matrix being a trans allegory to which he said:

I never spoke to Lilly about that, she never conveyed that to me. I think The Matrix films are profound, and I think that allegorically, a lot of people in different versions of the film can speak to that. And for Lilly to come out and share that with us, I think is cool.

Reeves added that he didn't know if this metaphor will manifest itself in the upcoming fourth Matrix movie and that it will be "open to interpretation." Whether Reeves co-stars of the next movie agree with him remains to be seen but we are going to take a punt and say that they will.

Speaking of the next movie, Laurence Fishburne who famously played Morpheus in the first three Matrix movies has said that he has "not been invited back" to star in the fourth instalment.

Filming of the movie, which is set to be released in April 2022 was disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic but Reeves has confirmed that production has restarted in Berlin.

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