James Blunt - the pop star people love to hate. Despite creating the image with his music that he's just a 'nice guy', people love him for his ability to have absolutely cutting come backs on Twitter.

This time, when posting a moving tribute to the singer Keith Flint, who died on Monday age 49, Blunt managed to get in a couple of subtle digs, just for good measure.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

At the Q Awards years ago, when @NoelGallagher was saying he was leaving Ibiza because I’d moved there, and @DamonAlbarn refused to be in the same picture as me, and @PaulWellerHQ

was saying he’d rather eat his own shit than work with me, Keith Flint came over, gave me a hug, and said how thrilled he was for my success.

Keith, I only met you once, but I shed a tear at the news of your death.

In our business, there are no prizes for being kind, but if there was, that Grammy would be yours.

People on Twitter were quick to respond that they loved the fact Keith was a kind man.

And it also made them a little bit emotional.

As well as paying tribute to Blunt's 'class passive aggression'.

Be kind, people.

One summed it up.

Rest in power, Keith.

HT The Poke

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