Kendall Jenner's infamous Pepsi ad parodied in The Boys new trailer

Pepsi and Kendall Jenner criticised over new advert that 'co-opts police brutality'

Fans of the Amazon Prime superhero series The Boys were given a treat on Saturday when the first teaser trailer was released for the eagerly awaited season three and it featured a mocking nudge and wink towards Kendall Jenner.

For those that aren't aware The Boys is a very on-the-nose parody of superhero films that mocks the stereotypes of characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. It also riffs on politics, celebrities and social media and is very, very crude and equally violent.

In short, it's critical of everything in modern culture and no one gets off easily. The Avengers, it ain't.

The new season looks to be picking up right where it left off with Billy Butcher continuing his crusade against the dangerous and unpredictable Homelander, while the Vought company continues to promote superheroes as if they were marketing tools and not actual forces for good and justice, as well as introducing new characters like Soldier Boy.

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You can watch the trailer below but be warned if does contain some material that would be considered NSFW.

The Boys – Official Season 3 REDBAND Teaser Trailer | Prime

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that there is a moment in the trailer that features what looks to be an advert starring 'A-Train' who is the series version of The Flash, breaking up a confrontation between police and protesters by offering an officer an energy drink with his face on it.

This is obviously a parody of the infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert from 2017 which was heavily criticised for using an anti-police brutality protest to promote the soft drink. Much like in The Boys trailer, Jenner approaches a police officer with a can of Pepsi as a peace offering.

Although the reference is now five years old, fans immediately noticed what the show was hinting at.

The Boys season 3 premiers on Amazon Prime on June 3.

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