Everyone should watch the clip of Carry On star Kenneth Williams talking about the EU in 1985

The great Kenneth Williams, one of the finest entertainers this country has ever produced, has gone viral after a clip of him talking about the EU in 1985 was shared online.

The footage is taken from Thames TV’s Daytime debate show and saw guests discuss the United Kingdom’s place in the European Economic Community. In the clip, rather than platitudes, Williams offers an astute analysis of the EEC and its benefits:

The European community provided 35% of aid to the underdeveloped countries… It’s far from inward looking... The trading situation vis-à-vis us and Europe is in balance on a point of fact as what we’ve lost in the manufacturing section, we’ve gained on the oil and services base.

The host proceeds to ask whether British nationality is being “whittled away” but the star of the Carry On films and Hancock’s Half Hour is having none of it:

No because idiosyncratic things will always exist within communities… You’ll still get those things existing and so you will in the autonomous areas in Europe. You’ll never stop that. That’s a cultural matter.

A truly great man and his argument is relevant now as it was in the middle of the 1980s.

People were understandably delighted by the footage.

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