We all know what it is like to be a kid a Christmas. Waking up early to see if Santa has been. Giddy with excitement at what new toys you have to play with.

Imagine then if your parents were super rich and mega-famous and could literally afford to buy you the Moon? Well, maybe not the moon but say a house?

That's kinda what happened to Stormi Webster the daughter of Kylie Jenner, who isn't even two-years-old yet but already owns a house big enough to live in.

In the latest vlog from the 22-year-old cosmetics tycoon, Jenner gives her little one an early Christmas present which is basically a mini-mansion.

We can only imagine that Webster was devastated to receive this present as she was hoping to receive a Birkin purse, which on average retails for around £2000.

Her miniature house comes complete with a fireplace, kitchen, air conditioner and even a balcony. That's right. It has two floors.

It hasn't taken people long to create memes of the house, which would probably cost you £1,8000-a-month in east London.

HT BuzzFeed

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