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A Leave voter has tearfully apologised for Brexit on LBC radio.

We've had the political implosion and the flash crash. Hate crimes and homophobic abuse have skyrocketed since the EU referendum, while the pound continues to plummet amid reports of an £800 drop in the average annual wage.

Theresa May (in a Michael Gove-style Lady Macbeth move) has done a full 180 and is now championing a 'Hard Brexit' that no majority explicitly voted for.

Brexit campaigns howled for democracy and accountability, only to watch an unelected prime minister try and deny parliament a vote on triggering Article 50.

Boris Johnson continues to flip flop like a dying fish, and has come back from the dead so many times that he could well be auditioning for a zombie thriller.

And most seriously, #Marmitegate.

But this is one of the most jarring examples of Bregrexit since Kelvin Mackenzie's unforgettable "buyer's remorse" the day after the referendum.

Talking to James O'Brien on LBC radio, truck driver Richard admitted that he seriously regrets his vote to Leave the European Union.

I've got a lump in my throat and I've got a tear in my eye. I'm just worried.

“It takes a lot to admit it,” Richard said. "I feel stupid."

He said he had fallen for soundbites like 'Take Back Control' during the referendum campaigns.

Picture: LBC RadioPicture: LBC Radio

"I'm articulate, I'm well read, but to be sucked in by these lies!"

He wondered aloud how many listeners are feeling the same way as him, and says that he feels such remorse that he plans to apologise to his son.

My lad's 13. When he's older... I will apologise to him. I will say sorry to him.

Picture: Picture: LBC Radio

It seems that he's not alone.

This Statista chart, based on data compiled in the British Election Study, shows that more Leave backers regrets their vote than Remainers.

Picture: StatistaChartsPicture: Statista

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