Louis Theroux and Boy George are having some kind of online beef and people can't handle it

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Boy George and Louis Theroux: the two don’t naturally go together, after all one is a documentary film maker known for his interviews with extreme members of society, and the other, a musical icon.

And yet for a reason not yet known to us, the two are beefing on Twitter.

It all began when 58-year-old George tweeted the following:

What is wrong with @louistheroux​

Ooof, he even used Theroux’s Twitter handle – things were real.

Theroux responded with his usual humour, tweeting:

How long have you got?

People were confused - what is Boy George's problem?

There were those who loved Theroux's reaction

People tried to answer George's question...

And there were the inevitable popcorn munchers

Some people suggested that George came after the documentary filmmaker following comments he made about Michael Jackson, although this is unconfirmed.

Addressing Leaving Neverland, the documentary about the late singer, Theroux tweeted earlier this year:

If you can’t see that Michael Jackson was a paedophile after watching [Dan Reed’s] film [Leaving Neverland] you are being wilfully blind. And if you are campaigning against it you are actively colluding in the silencing of victims.

George hasn't responded yet, but circa 2016 he was a Theroux fan so lets hope they can be friends again soon.

After Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy, it's too soon for another celebrity spat.

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