Love Island: Danny Dyer wins praise for his body positive comments

Danny Dyer is a man of many, many words and he doesn't mind sharing them with the nation.

Earlier this year, the Eastenders actor went viral after his incredible Brexit rant on live television, which he branded "a mad riddle."

The 41-year-old, who is fond of the odd swear word here and there, was on TV again last night but wasn't talking about politics.

This time around he made an appearance on Love Island to talk to his daughter Dani and her new fella Jack Fincham.

Now, if you had just started dating the child of Danny Dyer, you would probably be a bit nervous about meeting him for the first time.

Thankfully for Jack, Danny approves of his daughter's new squeeze and was complimentary of his body.

If you've been watching Love Island you will have noticed that most of the male contestants are ripped to high heaven and have probably spent half of their adult lives in the gym.

Jack, on the other hand, has a much more humble and honest physique, and is probably the most charismatic and down-to-earth out of all the male contestants.

As Danny said, via video link:

You know what Jack...proper geezer.

I love the fact you've got a little derby. You've got so much charisma.

It takes a brave man to bowl in that gaff. They're all abbed up got nothing about 'em.

No disrespect, yeah.

'Liffle Derby', by the way, is the shortened cocky rhyming slang of Derby Kelly, meaning belly.

Who would have thought that Danny Dyer, of all people, would become a champion of body positivity? But this is 2018 and anything is possible.

Dyer's quotes have since gone viral and people are loving it.

The Love Island finale will air tonight on ITV 2 with Jack and Dani odds-on favourites to be named 'Top Boy' and 'Top Girl' respectively.

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