Love Island contestant confuses fans by saying ‘there are easier ways to make 50k’ than winning show

Love Island contestant confuses fans by saying ‘there are easier ways to make 50k’ than winning show

Love Island contestant India Reynolds has confused fans by saying there are “easier ways to make 50 grand” than winning the reality TV show.

In a clip from Tuesday night’s episode, Reynolds was frustrated that some viewers have suspected she is only coupled up with fan favourite Ovie Soko to win the show’s £50k prize money and argued she wouldn’t go on the show just for the money. Admittedly, considering that is also the basic concept of the show their frustrations may be somewhat misplaced but, here we are.

The main question from viewers, one that is entirely valid however, was… how could you earn money more easily?

You know, an easier way to earn £50k than sitting in the sun with beautiful people?

Average weekly earnings in the UK were £497 per week in January 2019, according to the Office of National Statistics, which is just less than £26,000 per year - that means you would have to work for about two years to earn 50k.

In contrast, Reynolds has been in the Love Island villa on holiday for less than two weeks.

Even if they don’t win the series, Love Island contestants are set to make a lot of money.

They’re given a small amount of money for appearing on the show - reportedly £250 per week - to cover bills and rent back home while they’re away.

However, almost every contestant can expect to receive offers for lucrative sponsorship deals after the shows - in some cases, ex-islanders can earn thousands for individual social media posts.

Love Island 2018 winner Dani Dyer is reportedly worth £1.7m, thanks to an autobiography, a string of fashion and hair contracts, and a stint on the West End.

Past contestants Amber Davies, Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay have also all earned more than £1m since going on the show, according to The Sun.

But, judging by the behaviour of most of the men on this series, they should probably just give the prize money to charity instead this year.

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