Piers Morgan may be one of the most well-known people in the country but one man, who has had a recent viral moment on his own, appears to have no idea who he is.

And this is despite speaking to the Good Morning Britain presenter twice on live TV.

Martin Kenyon, 91, was among the first in the world to be given the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in December and went viral for his subsequent nonchalant CNN interview.

He told the American broadcaster: “Well there’s no point in dying now when I’ve lived this long is there?”

Kenyon charmed the world after talking about his struggles to find a parking space and the disappointing lunch he ate ahead of his vaccination.

When he was interviewed on GMB the next day, Kenyon sparked another sensation after asking Morgan: "Now, who are you?"

A month on and the 91-year-old has returned to the show after receiving the second dose and apologised to the former newspaper editor for not knowing who he was last time.

"I’ve owed you an apology ever since I heard all the nonsense about Piers Morgan. I’m sure you’re very famous," Kenyon stated.

In response, Morgan said: "Martin I wasn't remotely offended. I was yanking your chain."

GMB co-presenter Susanna Reid added: "You clearly still have no idea who he is and that makes me laugh."

Kenyon’s latest appearance on the show was shared on social media in good humour by Morgan.

He’s fast becoming a fan favourite with audiences.

Kenyon’s first interview on GMB also caused much hilarity.

And his original interview on CNN with international anchor Cyril Vanier has now been viewed millions of times online.

Kenyon was previously active in the anti-Apartheid movement, friends with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and met both Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

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