The new M&S Christmas advert is going viral, but not for the reason they wanted

The Marks & Spencer Christmas advert this year features Paddington Bear prominently.

He hears a burglar fall on his roof, mistakes him for "Santa" and helps him deliver all the presents in his bag.

Paddington doesn't realise the burglar had actually already stolen all these presents and didn't particularly want to return them.

However, after a few japes with a sleigh and a kindly sandwich, the burglar sees the error of his ways and thanks Paddington for helping remedy his actions.

He tells Paddington:

Thank you little bear!

Some people aren't hearing this, however.

Some people are hearing the burglar say something very rude to a little bear.

It became such a controversy ITV's This Morning made it a discussion topic.

People were divided on the matter, but some were very convincing:

But there will always be truthers:

The fact Christmas adverts are a topic of discussion in early November should be a source of national shame.

That is definitive.

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