Marvel fan edits Avengers Endgame to spoof the Disney Sony Spider-Man negotiations

After news that Spider-Man might be leaving the MCU, Marvel fans were devastated.

Luckily, thanks to a complicated deal between Disney and Sony, Tom Holland is back, with the studios confirming over the weekend that a new Marvel movie starring Holland will hit cinemas in July 2021.

For those fans that want to know more details but can’t quite get their head around it all, one genius Reddit user has explained the deal using a scene featuring Iron Man and Captain American from Avengers: Endgame .

Take a look in the post below to see how the negotiations might have played out if the big studio executives just happened to be Avengers.

Essentially, the deal allows Disney to use Spider-Man in at least one more MCU film, while Disney and Sony will co-produce another standalone film.

Reportedly, Kevin Feige is looking to wrap up Spidey’s story in the MCU – and after the deal expires, Sony will make their own films about the web-slinger.

With Tom Holland looking more and more like the stressed child of divorce, fans are mostly just happy they’ll be seeing Spidey again.

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