This is the coolest way to find Marvel movies on Netflix

This is the coolest way to find Marvel movies on Netflix

Finding something to watch on Netflix is easier said than done.

After all, they've got thousands of movies and tv shows to choose from so it really shouldn't be a struggle.

Yet almost by routine, you end up scrolling for hours only to find yourself watching Ru Paul's Drag Race again.

What if there was a way to find all the movies and shows you like in one place? Well, you now can, at least if you are a Marvel fan that is.

Following the death of the creator of the Marvel universe Stan Lee, Netflix has introduced a fun Easter egg which serves as a tribute to the great man and an easy way to find Marvel movies and shows.

If you simply type in Lee's trademark catchphrase 'Excelsior'! it will return all the Marvel titles that are available to you in whatever part of the world you are watching Netflix.

For instance in the UK, 'Excelsior!' returns titles like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Fantastic Four and The Defenders as well as several animated movies.

However, it isn't entirely consistent with the Marvel titles that Netflix has available as it manages to miss out the likes of Luke Cage, The Punisher and Iron Fist.

Regardless, most people loved it and saw it as a fitting tribute to Stan Lee.

Lee used 'Excelsior!' to sign off his columns in Marvel comics for decades.

It is Latin for "ever upward." It even cropped up in the odd tweet every now and again.

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