This male model caught a woman taking photos of him and responded in the best way

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Next time you try to slyly take a snap in public - whether of a dog or a celebrity - remember this cautionary tale.

Loiba Maria, a New York City resident and Brazilian jiujitsu trainer, spotted an "completely gorgeous" man sitting across from her on the subway, she told BuzzFeed News.

She admitted she had been blatantly and creepily staring at him for the duration of the subway ride, but had an understandable excuse, telling the publication he looked familiar:

I was trying to figure out who he was.

So, she did what a lot of us would probably (if shamefully) resort to, and attempted ('attempt' being the key word here) to take discreet snaps of the eye candy so she could work out who he was later.

That weekend, she said she scrolled past an article on her Facebook feed that featured the cycle 22 winner of America's Next Top Model and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco - and it was the same guy.

DiMarco had also won season 22 of Dancing With the Stars.

The plot twists keep on coming.

To make sure it was him, Loira sent the photos to him and wrote:

If this is you, you are very handsome in person!

His response, which he tweeted out, quickly went viral for obvious reasons: not only did he confirm it was him, but he sent back a photo of her on the subway that day.

DiMarco told BuzzFeed News he has "deaf eyes" so "they're very alert and I immediate spotted her camera towards me".

He said he wished they could have taken a photo together before he got off the subway.

People couldn't contain their delight.

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