This online calculator tells you how many hours you’ve spent watching Netflix

This online calculator tells you how many hours you’ve spent watching Netflix
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If you’re one of the many people who has developed a Netflix addiction during the pandemic, a new online calculator will show you just how much time you’ve spent binge-watching TV and suggest what else you could have done with that time…

The Time Spent Streamingtool from the tech-consumer website Comparitech takes viewing history data which can be found on any Netflix account and processes it into an understandable format.

All you need to do is download your viewing history data file from Netflix and upload it to the tool.

The website explains:

“Our tool shows you some interesting statistics on your viewing history, like for example your total watch time, your most watched series, some recently watched movies, average time spent streaming per day and some of your most watched genres.”

Comparitech will also convert that total time spent streaming into other formats, such as: the number of books you could have read, the number of marathons you could have ran, or the number of hours of studying you could have done...

The tool can be found here.

Of course, if you share your Netflix account with another person that will affect the results you get - and you can always blame them for the terrifyingly high number of hours...

Figures from Netflix and the company Nielson have suggested that US accounts watched on average 3.2 hours of video a day last year during the height of the pandemic, according to PCMag.

It is thought that viewers watched more than 6.1 billion hours of content over April 2020 as countries across the world went into coronavirus lockdowns.

So if you’ve spent the last year bingeing TV, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone...

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