New York taxi driver spent 20 years photographing his passengers and the pictures are incredible

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Ryan Weideman travelled to New York City in 1980 to become a street photographer.

He had produced some stylistically influential exhibitions already, but found himself in need of money.

A conversation with his taxi-driving neighbour sparked his profession for the next few decades - a photographer who specialises in making his passengers of his taxi, his studies.

He recently gave an interview with Artists in Residence TV, in which he described an exhibition of his work from the cab, spanning 30 years:

His work on this series has attained a Guggenheim Fellowship Grant, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship and a NEA Fellowship Grant, as well as featuring most recently at Espronceda, Barcelona.

He is represented by Bruce Silverstein. You can view more of his work on the gallery website.

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