Nish Kumar responds after Nigel Farage criticised his Brexit jokes

Nish Kumar angered a lot of Brexit supporters over the New Year, and he had the best response to the outrage.

The comedian appeared on The Graham Norton Show for its New Year special, which involved a segment by Kumar on the news, and specifically Brexit.

He began by acknowledging Nigel Farage, who Kumar described as “not technically a man, but a sack of meat brought to life by a witch’s curse whose blood type is technically real ale.”

He then went on to joke about how the UK leaving the EU might spiral out of control. “Now we have finally completed Brexit,” he said. “I predict we will have a taste for leaving things and will vote to leave more stuff, starting with the continent of Europe, then the United Nations and finally the Earth by strapping rockets under the country and blasting off into space.”

It took a whole two days (which is a lifetime in today’s news cycle) for Kumar’s comments to irk quite a few people, including Farage, who took to Twitter to lambast the BBC and Sky News for what he deemed was “horrific” New Year’s Eve coverage.

“I criticised the BBC and Sky News for their horrific New Year’s Eve coverage but had no idea about the Graham Norton Show and Nish Kumar, which were even worse,” he wrote.

Soon after the comedian started trending on Twitter, as Brexiteers expressed their outrage at Kumar, while his fans believed he was angering all the right people.

He eventually chimed in on the discourse to note that he was aptly trending alongside Eton.

More importantly, Kumar had the last laugh, as he used the opportunity to encourage people to donate to charity, Choose Love. It’s definitely one of the more dignified ways to respond to becoming the trending topic of the day.

Hopefully, more people use their Twitter controversies as a force for good.

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