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If you look hard enough, children's TV is full of NSFW clips.

Fireman Sam shook the country about a month ago with a scene that could definitely be misconstrued.

Noddy clearly heard the clang of a gauntlet on the ground and sprung to action in the editing room.

A puzzled father told the Mirror:

It was on Channel 5 at around 7am this morning – on the kids' programme, Milkshake.

It went on for around five seconds. Five seconds of that bloke doing something outrageous to the poor sheep.


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To be fair, it's probably not the worst part of Noddy.

Its most recent iteration, Noddy, Toyland Detective (co-produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and French studio Gaumont Animation), had to omit a number of highly inappropriate characters originally included in the children's books.

Enid Blyton (the creator of the series)'s granddaughter said in 2009 when writing a new book which omitted them that including them would have been too controversial, according to The Telegraph.

Jeff Norton, the senior vice president of brand development at Chorion, the entertainment company which owns the Blyton estate, told the paper:

Sophie decided not to put characters like that in because they have a social connotation that exists today that didn't exist when Enid Blyton was writing in 1949.

The things Noddy has seen.

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