Ryan Gosling whispered in this woman's ear at the Oscars and we need to know what he said!


Ah, the Academy Awards - a time for love, laughter and the incorrect reading of incredibly important envelopes.

It's also a perfect opportunity for the host to play off a captive audience. In previous years Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizzas and took selfies, while Chris Rock used the platform to talk about the desperate need for more diversity in the coveted film awards.

This year's host, Jimmy Kimmel, made audiences smile when he surprised a group of unsuspecting tourists and invited them into the live ceremony to introduce them to the likes of Denzel Washington, Nicole Kidman and Ryan Gosling.

Two of the lucky tourists were Vicky Vines and her husband Gary, who were on holiday from Chicago... It's safe to say they stole the show.

When Vicky met Gosling, selfie stick in hand, the La La Land actor shook her and hand and leaned in for a peck on the cheek.

Needless to say, we all wish we were Vicky at this moment in time.

But was it a peck on the cheek? Or was it perhaps a quick whisper?

The interent had a few ideas what Gosling might have said to Vicky, and naturally, as with any great image, it's become the latest meme of 2017.

There are startling confessions:

And song lyrics (Good luck getting Ying Yang Twins out of your head)

Ryan Gosling... Saviour of jazz.


It all came back to the 2016 election of course.


Fake news?

Agreed, I'd probably react the same way actually.

Too soon guys... too soon.

This one is perhaps the most amusing though:

What a time to be alive.

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