Ozzy Osbourne admits shooting cats that come into his garden and it’s not OK

<p>The 72-year-old says that shooting ‘gets him out of his head’</p>

The 72-year-old says that shooting ‘gets him out of his head’

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We’ve all had to find ways to stay sane during lockdown, but Ozzy Osbourne’s methods should not be emulated under any circumstances.

The Black Sabbath frontman has admitted to shooting cats and birds if they dare enter his garden.

The 72-year-old – who was propelled to rock infamy by biting a head off a bat – reportedly said that blasting an air rifle outside his LA home was “good fun.”

Osbourne, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, said shooting “gets him out of his head.”

“When I first started this thing, I could not shoot. Now there’s dead cats (and) birds every minute,” he told a radio interview, according to The Sun.

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On the flipside, the canine-lover said his beloved dogs had kept him “sane” in during the Covid crisis.

Asked what they do when he starts shooting, he replied: “They f*** off.”

It isn’t the first time the rocker-turned-reality-TV-star has shown animosity towards cats as these clips from The Osbournes attest (warning: they contain a lot of swearing...):

And yet adoring fans have dedicated their own beloved felines to the heavy metal icon:

Still, the rocker has had a notoriously fractious relationship with animals over the years.

He spent time working in an abattoir after dropping out of school at 15, and it was while performing at a concert in Iowa in 1982 that the infamous bat incident occurred.

He allegedly thought the winged mammal was made of rubber.

A year before, he bit the head off a dove during a meeting with CBS Records executives in LA.

He had allegedly planned to release the birds into the air as a sign of peace, but was so intoxicated at the time that he ended up behaving in a decidedly unpeaceful manner.

Osbourne pretends to torture a woman chained to a table back in 1982

Osbourne has previously admitted doing a “lot of stupid things” but insists: “It’s all part of my journey.

“You learn by your mistakes.”

Are you sure about that, Ozzy? Because it seems as though you’ve still got a lot of learning to do when it comes to animal rights.

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