Piers Morgan is terrified about the idea of a female Bond and claims 007 is the ‘last real man standing’

Piers Morgan is terrified about the idea of a female Bond and claims 007 is the ‘last real man standing’

Surprise, surprise, Piers Morgan is up in arms about something... again.

This time, it’s the possibility of James Bond being played by a woman.

The broadcaster shared his views on the matter in his Daily Mail column where he accused “the woke brigade” of ruining everything “that’s good or fun in life.”

He also described 007 – the super-spy is also a notorious womanizer – as “virtually the last real man standing in a Hollywood”, which he said had been “neutered by the emasculating cult of illiberal liberal fascists”. Wow.

Morgan’s rant was in response to comments made by UK Labour party leader Keir Starmer who, when asked on Morgan’s former gig Good Morning Britain if he had a favourite Bond out of the seven actors who have portrayed the character over the decades, replied: “I don’t have a favourite Bond, but I do think it’s time for a female Bond.”

“He had no reason to do this,” Morgan wrote.

Morgan also said it was “ironic” that Starmer “seems woefully unable to define what a woman even is” – referring to the Labour leader’s comment saying it is “not right” to say only women have a cervix because it’s not inclusive enough for trans men.

Elsewhere, Morgan noted that former Bond star Pierce Brosnan and actor Chris Hemsworth would like to see a female in the role, but than an abundance of other people involved with the franchise – namely Daniel Craig, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Barbara Broccoli and Sir Roger Moore – have expressed similar opinions to Morgan that Bond should remain a male lead.

People have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on Morgan’s latest meltdown and many didn’t mince their words when it came to expressing their views.

While others were quick to point out to Morgan that James Bond is actually a fictional character... so it's really not that deep (he was reminded of something similar earlier this week).

Though there were some people that did agree with Morgan’s sentiments.

Morgan ended the column, writing: “I’ll fight until the last drop of my blood to save him from the woke wastrels.”

It’s good to see Morgan picking such an important issue to throw his energy at.

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