Cops swarmed Tom Cruise’s house after guest accidentally pressed panic button

Cops swarmed Tom Cruise’s house after guest accidentally pressed panic button

Tom Cruise once had a dinner party end the way you never want it to - with lots of police presence after a guest pressed a panic button.

The guest in the question is Kyra Sedgwick and she recounted the embarrassing story to Drew Barrymore on her chat show The Drew Barrymore Show. At the time, her husband Kevin Bacon was filming A Few Good Men with the Mission: Impossible actor and she had worked with him Born on The Fourth of July.

“It’s a pretty good story. It was a sad moment, but it was a funny story,” Sedgwick told Barrymore. “So I was pregnant, I was very pregnant, and we got invited over to dinner.

She went on, “So we got invited over for dinner with lots of famous people, like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, because she was in the movie. Rob Reiner was there. It was a flow, and Nicole [Kidman] was there.”

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Well, it seems there’s always a potential for tomfoolery at Tom’s house.

“It was one of those nights that I often don't get invited to, and so there was this, like, fireplace mantle, and I was looking around, and there was this little button underneath the mantle. I was like, Oh what is that little button? So I pressed the little button because I thought maybe something interesting will happen,” Sedgwick said. “Nothing happened, and then I got a little nervous.

“I was like, Oh nothing happened—that doesn’t seem right. So I tapped Tom on the shoulder, who was in the middle of a story, and I said, ‘I pressed this button down here.’ And he was like, ‘You pressed that button?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I pressed that button.’

“And he goes, ‘That’s the panic button.’”

She continued her tale, “And so the cops came, they had to stop the screening, they had to see Tom…. I think there were more than, like, five cop cars. It was something.”

“I didn’t get invited back.” She admitted to the actor turned television host, so it still stands unconfirmed if Cruise still has a panic button....

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