‘The Circle’ apartment is a catfish - here’s where it’s actually filmed

‘The Circle’ apartment is a catfish - here’s where it’s actually filmed
The Circle Season 2 / Netflix

If you’ve tuned into The Circle US season two to gauge the various personalities of the contestants and wonder who will become the top influencer, then you may not realize that perhaps the biggest catfish of all is the apartment.

The show, based on the British reality TV series of the same name, premiered in January 2020. Since the show aired, it has been one of Netflix’s most popular reality TV shows for the groundbreaking concept and the competitiveness between each contestant.

But while skylines of US cities regularly appear in the show - the reality is far different.

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So where is the show filmed?

Despite the American version of the show utilizing cityscape shots of Milwaukee and Chicago, it wasn’t filmed in the United States. Tim Harcourt, the show’s creator, told theChicago Tribune that the show was filmed in Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom.

“We wanted the show to feel like anywhere in America,” said Harcourt to the Chicago Tribune. “We placed it in those cities because the shot of the buildings matched Manchester.” The first season was also filmed in the same building as the British version of the show.

The Circle apartment building

So, is the apartment real?

Yep, the circle apartment is real, so that part isn’t a catfish. According to Capital FM, the apartment is a real apartment complex in Salford called the Adelphi Wharf. There are also reports that this apartment opened in 2019 and sits on the River Irwell Bank. These apartments also have a gym and an underground parking lot.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the apartment building’s standard units don’t resemble the colorful and exuberant apartments the set designers created for the contestants.

The rooms are quite standard with white walls and black, grey, and beige furnishing.

However, just like the units onThe Circle, a one-bedroom apartment within the building comes with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

The apartments are also worth a pretty penny. A unit starts at roughly $130,000.

Are you considering purchasing an apartment there? It may not be in the cards as Capital FM also notes that the units are fully occupied.

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