A clip of 80’s pop crooner Rick Astley performing a cover of The Smith’s classic indie anthem ‘This Charming Man’ has got people clambering to have the singer remembered as the band’s frontman rather than Morrissey.

Despite being adored by fans for most of his career, Morrissey’s legacy has in some people’s eyes been tarnished due to his numerous controversial statements and political views.

Astley, in comparison, is a much more clean-cut and unoffensive individual that’s why some Smiths’ fans were delighted to see the singer belting out the classic indie song earlier this week alongside Blossoms at the London Forum.

This was part of a tour between the two acts featuring their own songs as well as a cover of ‘Panic’ by The Smiths.

You really have to say fair play to Astley, aged 55, who is proving himself to be a lot more than just that bloke who once sang ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’ Not only does he look like Morrissey, who is now 62, in his heyday he’s also got his vocals down to a tee.

The clip, which was shared by Far Out Magazine on Tuesday, has already been viewed more than one million times on Twitter.

Predictably, many were so impressed they are now hoping that Astley can replace Morrissey in The Smiths, should the band ever decide to get back together.

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We personally can’t wait to hear what Morrissey has to think of this because ‘Heaven Knows He’s Miserable Now.’

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