Roger Waters told Mark Zuckerberg ‘f**k you’ after Instagram tried to buy a Pink Floyd song

Roger Waters told Mark Zuckerberg ‘f**k you’ after Instagram tried to buy a Pink Floyd song
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters had a rather blunt response to Mark Zuckerberg after the Facebook founder asked him if one of his songs could be used in a promotional film for Instagram.

Waters revealed the interaction with Facebook during a campaign event to free the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange that reportedly took place on 10th June.

According to the 77-year-old musician, he received an email from Facebook requesting the rights to use the Pink Floyd song ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)’ in a film promoting Instagram. Waters claimed that they offered him a ‘huge amount of money’ in return for the song.

In a video from the event, Waters explained: “It’s a missive from Mark Zuckerberg to me, with an offer of a huge, huge amount of money and the answer is: F*** you! No f***ing way!

“I only mention that because it’s the insidious movement of them to take over absolutely everything. So those of us who do have any power, and I do have a little bit, in terms of the control of the publishing of my songs, I do anyway... I will not be a party to this bulls**t, Zuckerberg.”

Waters did not specify when he received the email from Facebook but went on to add that they wanted to use his song to increase the growth of Facebook and Instagram and prevent Assange’s story from reaching a wider audience.

“We want to thank you for considering this project,” Waters continued. “We feel that the core sentiment of this song is still so prevalent and necessary today.

“They want to use it to make Facebook and Instagram even bigger and more powerful than it already is, so that it can continue to censor all of us in this room and prevent this story about Julian Assange getting out to the general public... No more.”

Waters was a founding member of Pink Floyd but left the prog-rock band in 1985. During his time with the group they produced many acclaimed and beloved albums such as ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘The Wall’ which ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)’ is taken from.

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