Sometimes social media reminds us of things that we are happy to reminisce about but other times it can give you nightmares that will keep you awake for days on end.

This brings us to a clip from the popular 90s kids' TV show Rosie and Jim which has recently gone viral.

In the 1991 episode, the titular characters visit a automata museum where mechanical devices play music once they are cranked up and are fully operational enough.

Seems like harmless stuff, right? Whilst that is true for 99 per cent of the episode, this said clip has proven the episode to be an otherwise disturbing delve into the minds of 90s tv producers who thought this stuff was acceptable for kids.

Just take a look at this...

Yeah, we're really sorry about that but at least everyone else agrees that it is just as horrifying.

The creepy dummy reminded people of some famous faces.

HT The Poke

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