Actor Russell Tovey had the perfect response after being compared to Matt Damon.. and his lookalike.

A viral Twitter thread showing celebrity-lookalikes-for-hire, which is now unfortunately private, showed a variety of celeb doppelgängers available from the UK-based “Lookalikes agency”.

James Hamilton’s thread said, “For absolutely no reason, here’s some genuine lookalikes you can hire from a UK lookalikes agency.”

First up was a Matt Damon lookalike, who truly looks nothing like him: ‘This is, and I wish I was joking, Matt Damon,” Hamilton wrote.

However, one user pointed out, “While he looks absolutely nothing like Matt Damon, he does look a whole lot like Russell Tovey who was in the thoroughly excellent Years and Years.”

Tovery, the Years & Years star, appeared to be in on the joke because on Wednesday, he changed his Twitter profile picture, with little fanfare, to the Matt Damon lookalike.

“Incredible,” one person commented. “Hold on, isn’t that Matt Damon?” another person joked.

The thread also showed second-rate lookalikes for Sir Alan Sugar, prime minister Boris Johnson and Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf. Take a look at the rest here.

Tovey later told Metro: “To even be considered as handsome and dashing as the lookalike of Matt Damon is incredibly humbling.”

As one person commented on Tovey’s new profile picture, may be a positive thing for the lookalike actor: “He just increased his booking fee”.

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