Ryan Reynolds effortlessly trolls conspiracy theorists as he gets Covid vaccine

Ryan Reynolds effortlessly trolls conspiracy theorists as he gets Covid vaccine
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Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds has managed to hilariously troll conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers with just three words when sharing a picture of him getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Canadian star, who isn’t afraid of trolling anyone including his wife Blake Lively and co-stars such as Hugh Jackman, got the coronavirus vaccination on Wednesday and shared a snap of him getting the jab while sporting a fetching pink hat.

However, rather than simply sharing the image, Reynolds couldn’t resist poking fun at folks who believe some pretty wild stuff about Covid-19.

‘Finally got 5G’ the Deadpool actor tweeted a clearly mocking nod to people who for some reason believe that Covid was either spread by 5G signals or that something within the vaccine is being implanted into our DNA which will allow governments to control you.

Of course, there is literally no evidence to support these claims but when has telling conspiracy theorists that they are wrong ever worked? It’s often easier to present them with the facts and when that doesn’t work, resorting to mockery might be the best solution.

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Anyway, people did find Reynold’s tweet funny, including Vodafone who asked him to to encourage any of the 5G truthers.

The anti-5G movement was prominent in 2020 with the EU warning that the conspiracy could threaten economies and risk affecting people’s data connections. There were around 150 arson attacks on 5G masts in Europe last year, with 87 of those occurring in the UK.

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