House hunting couple go viral after sharing video of property with bizarre staircase

House hunting couple go viral after sharing video of property with bizarre staircase

Searching for somewhere to live can be a nightmare. Whichever property you look at, there’s always likely to be something wrong.

People have different views on whether properties are worth months of renovations to turn it into a dream home – but some problems are just so huge that you just can’t really do anything about them.

Take for example a couple in Columbia, Maryland who thought they had found an ideal house and were contemplating putting in an offer until they came across one big problem: the stairs.

Rather than your regular set of stairs, they were instead greeted with a series of blocks that you would almost have to hop between like Super Mario.

The couple shared their finding on TikTok and the clip has since gone viral racking up more than 10 million views, at the time of writing.

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In the caption, they explain: “We thought about making an offer on this [house] until we saw the stairs and we said hell no.”

It looks more like a painting by Escher than something which should actually be in a house. Good luck trying to negotiate that at the best of times, let alone when you’ve had a few drinks or are carrying something.

As you can imagine, many viewers are horrified by what they have seen as it would appear to be a major tripping hazard and a death trap waiting to happen. Many feared they would end up in hospital if they lived there and another wrote: “I know what I’d be ripping out first thing. It’s dangerous and just the extra mental step for me, at the top, going, ‘Uh, ah, LEFT! Left leg first.”

However, it would appear that they are more common than you might imagine and The Mirror reports that they are often used in homes with limited space.

In a second video, the couple imagines what would happen if you tripped down the stairs - spoiler: it would be quite painful.

The house is currently listed as still being on sale for $400,000 so if you fancy trying to negotiate those stairs yourself, why not book a viewing?

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