Ryan Reynolds sends NSFW message to David Beckham after footballer mocks his ‘sore wrist’

On the left is Ryan Reynolds in a black suit. On the right is David Beckham in a blue t-shirt.
Cindy Ord and Getty Images

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has been applauded for his “hilarious” response to a comment from David Beckham on his latest Instagram post.

Sharing two photos on his profile on Thursday, the actor – who also owns the company Aviation American Gin – announced he had signed 100 bottles of the drink for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

“Weird name for a person but tbh if that were my name, I’d drink that much too,” he added.

Among the high profile names commenting on the post was former England footballer David Beckham, who commented: “Wow that’s a sore wrist if I ever saw one.”

The message prompted Reynolds to respond with an innuendo: “I’ve intensely trained my wrist since I was 15. Wait… what are we talking about?”

It isn’t the first time the pair have joked around together, with Beckham joining forces with Reynolds to promote the second film in the Deadpool franchise.

The advert, titled “With Apologies to David Beckham”, sees the masked vigilante attempt to make amends for a joke said in the first film.

In the 2016 movie, Reynolds’ character Wade Wilson turns to his friend and asks: “You ever heard David Beckham speak? It’s like he mouth-sexed a can of helium.”

Followers were quick to respond to Reynolds’ latest gag, with many joining in on the fun and describing the actor as a “late bloomer”.

“A little late to that party, huh? 15?” quipped one user.

Others turned to Beckham’s role in the punchline, with another commenting: “Even long after retirement David Beckham is still setting them up like a pro.”

If it still remains unclear what Reynolds was actually referring to in the comment, we’re not going to tell you.

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