Ryan Reynolds trolls fans after launching the 'worlds most affordable streaming service'

Ryan Reynolds trolls fans after launching the 'worlds most affordable streaming service'

Apart from being a Hollywood A-lister, Ryan Reynolds is also a world-class troll who doesn't mind pulling a prank on anyone, including his fans.

On Wednesday, the Deadpool star announced that he was launching a new streaming service called Mint Mobile + which he dubbed "the world's most affordable streaming service."

Mint Mobile is a Canadian wireless company that Reynolds purchased a stake in back in 2019 and as he says in his tweet 'every tech company needs a streaming service' but upon closer look, his platform isn't quite what it seems.

The platform does feature a Ryan Reynolds movie but only one of them; the 2003 comedy heist flick Foolproof but that's it. In fact, its the only movie on the entire website, which is actually live and fully functioning and has an interface similar to Netflix.

Picture:Picture: Mint Mobile Plus

The movie was one of the first times that Reynolds was given a leading role so there is obviously some sentimental value to this prank and better yet, the whole movie is available to watch on the website for completely free. He really wasn't lying when he called it "the world's most affordable streaming service."

This offer might not be around for too much longer though as Reynolds followed his first tweet by saying that the website will be shut down this weekend as Mint Mobile goes back to its normal job.

Even if he was playing a prank on his followers, they still seemed to think it was hilarious and you get a bonus free movie.

The 43-year-old star is no stranger to trolling people especially his X-Men co-star Hugh Jackman and his wife Blake Lively.

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