Ryan Reynolds had the perfect response to Blake Lively posing with a man who wasn't him

There is literally nothing that Ryan Reynolds can't do right now that we don't love.

The same goes for his wife Blake Lively. Their constant back and forth banter on social media is the kind of relationship goals that we all aspire to.

Take for example a recent comment that Ryan left on a post that Blake shared for the promotion of her new movie, A Simple Favor.

The risque photo sees Blake holding the legs of a nude man who is holding a martini above his chest accompanied with the caption "My turn..."

Now, Reynolds is a devilishly handsome man, who plays superheroes and is universally adored.

You would think that he doesn't have much to worry about but it seems that even he can get a little agitated when he sees his wife with another man (for professional reasons, of course).

The 41-year-old actor wrote just three words in response to the image:

He seems nice.

Picture: Instagram

There you go. Even the most confident man in Hollywood can suffer from a small dose of self-deprecation.

The image was taken by photographer Tim Palen, with the male model reported to be Thomas 'The Boxer' Canestraro.

It is also said to be a joint promotion between the movie's production company Lionsgate and Reynold's new brand Aviation American Gin.

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