Ryan Reynolds mockingly says his own middle name ‘sucks’ in mobile network advert

Ryan Reynolds’ attempt at promotion didn’t exactly go to plan.

In an advertisement for phone network, Mint Mobile, the actor informed his fans on Twitter that you can make a one-time payment of $90 for six months of phone service. But the tweet contained a more noteworthy revelation: Reynolds’ middle name is Rodney.

“Paying $90 a month for wireless is like my middle name, Rodney,” he said. “It exists and you COULD use it... but it sucks so why would you?”

Last year, the actor bought a majority ownership stake in Mint Mobile. “Celebrities generally invest in high-end products like skincare brands or delicious gin companies,” he said in a statement. “Yet Mint is making wireless way more affordable at a time when the average American is paying 65 dollars a month. I'm excited to champion a more practical approach to the most essential technology."

But in a reveal that completely overshadowed the phone advert, fans were shocked to hear that Ryan Reynolds is, in fact, a Rodney. Rodney Reynolds just doesn’t have the same ring to it, right? Though, points should be awarded for the consistent alliteration.

Some thought it was just too good to be true.

Others are in favour of a name change.

On the other hand, some people were not a fan of the name Rodney.

The other Rodneys of the world felt slightly hurt.

Reynolds has a name fit for a pirate.

Hopefully, he admits something as revelatory in his next Mint Mobile advertisement.

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