Ryan Reynolds threatens ‘a revolution’ after finding out the Queen is launching her own gin

Isobel van Hagen
Wednesday 02 December 2020 11:33

Despite Ryan Reynolds’ illustrious acting and entrepreneurial career, he is well-known for his internet humor and fake-feuds. It turns out he is not even afraid to take aim at Her Majesty The Queen herself.

After Queen Elizabeth’s estate announced a new gin line, Sandringham Estate – named after one of the queen’s private residences – and Ryan Reynolds was quick to respond (he is a co-owner of Aviation American Gin ).

Marie Claire posted a tweet about the gin over the weekend with the headline: "The Queen Just Pulled a Ryan Reynolds and Launched Her Own Gin".

"If she imposes a Gin Tax, I promise a revolution," he jokingly commented, seemingly referencing the Boston Tea Party where American merchants tossed British tea into a habour in the 18th century. “She’s obv trying to copy him,” one Twitter user responded.

Reynolds once told Gentleman's Journal: "I mean, I'm not remotely involved in production of the gin, because I know nothing about distilling. But I'm there for every other aspect of the business, because I really love this gin."

Looks like Reynolds loves gin so much he’s not afraid to feud with royals about it: “Do I see a Queen / Ryan war in the future? Now that's a movie I would watch...Bond-esque,” one person joked. 

“This interaction made my day," another person wrote.

Aviation Gin's official Twitter account quickly also got in on the joke:

"Surprisingly this was on @VancityReynolds 2020 Bingo Card," they wrote in a reply to the original article.

While the royal family has yet to come back with a retort, Aviation Gin likely won’t have to worry about competition from the queen, as Sandringham Estate will only be sold in the UK.