Seth Rogen learned how to do pottery and it’s making fans emotional

What hobby did you pick up during quarantine?

Did you finish a few puzzles? Did you take up baking? For Seth Rogen, these past months have seen him turn into a pottery master.

To be fair, this isn’t a new thing for the comedian and actor. Rogen revealed that he started taking pottery lessons back in April last year so he could learn to make ashtrays. (He loves a good ashtray.)

Since then, he has branched out into making vases, mugs and even a nifty soap dispenser.

It’s worth saying now that his Instagram is one of the most wholesome accounts out there and definitely an excellent follow. He mostly justs gives updates on his pottery projects along with the odd selfie – and isn’t that the dream?

Some people have noticed the significant leaps Rogen has made in his pottery since his humble beginnings making ashtrays. It’s even making them feel a bit emotional.

Others who are all too familiar with what it takes to be good at pottery were impressed by his skills.

Rogen even did an interview about his ceramics with The Cut, and revealed that he has been approached by galleries to showcase his work. Speaking on why he took up pottery, he said: “There’s something about how you’re literally trying to centre something. The metaphors abound. But there’s inherently something meditative about it. I do like tactile things; I like to produce tangible work.”

Here’s hoping he’ll open up his own pottery shop one day.

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