A man sent a female comedian an unsolicited d*ck pic. That was his first mistake

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Since the advent of the smartphone era we've all had some strange things sent to us in one form or another.

A mistaken text here, a bitchy comment to the wrong person there, it's all par for the course. But receiving an unsolicited nude sort of takes the biscuit.

That's exactly what happened to comedian and broadcaster Holly Walsh. She was having a perfectly pleasant evening when a digital d*ck cropped up in her text messages from a total stranger.

But instead of ignoring it and getting on with her life, Holly decided to make a point about the dangers, and rudeness, of unsolicited d*ck picing.

Appearing on the comedy game show 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown - Holly talked through what happened after she received an unsolicited d*ck pic from a random unknown number:

The text message said: 'Lisa, this is what you're missing out on. J.'

The next day, after getting over her initial reaction of 'What the hell?!' Holly decided to get in touch with J and pass on some helpful notes on how to better his life and the lives of people in his contacts.

Dear J, thank you so much for sending me a picture of penis last night. You shouldn't have... First up it's just a little thing. But then judging by your pic, you're used to that.

Secondly, I've recreated your penis out of pork products to illustrate my point.

Exhibit A)

Holly continued:

Sending an unsolicited picture of your c*ck to a stranger can come across as a bit sexually aggressive. So why not take the edge off by adding eyes?

Exhibit B), M'lord:

Eventually, J got back in touch saying that this was really 'f***ing weird', which brought Holly to her final point.

My darling J, before you send your c*ck to a woman you barely know, maybe check she hasn't deliberately given you the wrong number.


Watch the whole skit here, and seriously - STOP SENDING UNSOLICITED D*CK PICS.

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