The simple mistake that's ruining all books and films

It's a marketing ploy that has been used for years, but one Reddit user has had enough of the phrase "plot-twist" being used to describe a book or film.

"Saying that a book has a twist, totally ruins the twist," wrote NorweiganWood28. "You’re anticipating the twist for the entire book and it doesn’t take you by surprise when it comes."

 A book related Facebook page just posted a '30 books that have great twists' list and a few books I wanted to read were on there and now they're kind of ruined because now I know there's a big twist.


We agree - when you don't know that twist is coming you enjoy the suspense so much more. Shutter Island, am I right?

Films and books that have cashed in on this tool are Fight Club, Gone Girl, The Sixth Sense and The Girl on the Train, with the whole conversations surrounding them focusing on the plot twist.

Perhaps we should just all keep our mouths shut and not ruin it for anyone else.

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