Trust us, you don’t want to know what people are saying about the less ‘sexualised’ Lola Bunny in Space Jam 2

Trust us, you don’t want to know what people are saying about the less ‘sexualised’ Lola Bunny in Space Jam 2

Promotional images released for the new Space Jam film have left a certain demographic of its fans shocked at the redesign of one of its primary characters.

Her redesign shows her in longer, looser clothing with a lot less emphasis on her body proportions. For those that don’t remember, the sexualisation of her character in the first movie was so overt that her entrance scene literally featured saxophone music as other characters gawped.

The mix of classic Warner Bros animated characters and basketball superstar Michael Jordan was a smash hit back in the nineties and people couldn’t wait to see what a sequel several decades later could look like.

Murmurs of a Space Jam sequel began back in 2015 when Lebron James’ production company signed a deal with Warner Bros. Filming took place over summer 2019, where rumours of cameos from a range of basketball stars were confirmed.

The director of the much overdue sequel has said it is even better than the original.

Entertainment Weekly have released a cover shoot to offer some insight, with new protagonist, NBA superstar LeBron James in the mix.

People immediately noticed that animated female rabbit Lola Bunny was looking a little different, whilst many other characters stayed the same.

Some Twitter users have been a bit odd about it, to say the least. As if representing a literal fictional animal with smaller breasts is doing them an injustice somehow.

Desexualising classic female characters isn’t an entirely new concept in animation - Toy Story 4 caused a similar discontent when they decided to introduce Bo Peep in a different costume than before.

It’s a weird thing to consider. While a lot of might go over children’s heads and may seem harmless to some, it is representative of the role male creators and animators think they should serve as characters.

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