Stranger Things star Matthew Modine slams 'psychopathic' Trump as 'less moral' than Dr Brenner

Stranger Things star Matthew Modine slams 'psychopathic' Trump as 'less moral' than Dr Brenner
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*Warning: contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4*

Stranger Things star Matthew Modine has slammed Donald Trump, accusing him of being ‘less moral’ than his character on the show, Dr. Martin Brenner.

The fourth season of the hit show sees the villainous Dr. Brenner ask Eleven for her forgiveness before appearing to meet his end.

Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, doesn’t grant him the forgiveness he craves.

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Discussing the moment in an interview with Vulture, he said that if he had been forgiven, his character “would spend the remaining days of his life knowing he had been forgiven but having to accept responsibility for what he did.”

He then went on to slam former president Trump by saying: “Do you think Donald Trump is able to sleep at night with a clear conscience? Or does he have to sedate himself and become a psychopathic liar in order to justify the behaviour and the things that he’s done?

The actor had a few strong words for the former presidentNetflix/Getty

“Well, maybe he is. That’s a bad example. I think Dr. Brenner is a more moral person than that, and he’d have to spend his final days acknowledging and accepting responsibility for the pain he caused.”

Modine went on to say: “That’s the real nightmare — not being able to escape your thoughts and the things you’ve seen or done.”

Meanwhile, it comes after Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp has said his character Will Byers is gay and in love with his best friend Mike Wheeler, confirming the speculation surrounding his character's sexuality.

Schnapp previously said this was "up to the audience’s interpretation" but after the recent release of volume two he has now confirmed what fans have been theorising in an exclusive interview with Variety as he feels "it’s pretty clear this season that Will has feelings for Mike."

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