Viral 'Star Wars directed by Wes Anderson' AI trailer sparks huge debate among film fans

Viral 'Star Wars directed by Wes Anderson' AI trailer sparks huge debate among film fans
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Curious Refuge/YouTube

Film fans have been obsessed with creating clips in the style of Wes Anderson recently, and now one has taken it further by using AI to imagine what the director’s take on Star Wars would look like.

The Curious Refuge channel on YouTube has released a trailer for an imaginary movie named 'The Galactic Menagerie', and it has to be the most whimsical use of the technology yet.

The clip takes Anderson’s signature style and combines it with the cast of heroes and villains in the much-loved space opera series.

We get the earthy tones, perfectly symmetrical camera shots, narration and bright panel cards that we’re used to seeing in Anderson films.

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Perhaps most significantly, though, we get to see some of Anderson’s favourite actors cast in roles inspired by a galaxy far, far away.

The likes of Timothée Chalamet, Owen Wilson, Scarlett Johansson, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Murray all make an appearance.

As you might expect the clip has sparked a big reaction online, but not all of it is positive.

Star Wars by Wes Anderson Trailer | The Galactic

While many shared their delight at seeing the mock trailer, others didn’t seem so impressed and it looks to have sparked a debate among social media users.

Some were positive, with one writing: “Ok but like this actually looks really good and hilarious! I would watch it!”

Another said: “Completely tracks and I would watch that. So good.”

One more went on to criticise the clip, commenting: “Okay you guys quote tweeting the Wes Anderson ai Star Wars video is just putting it on our feeds. We all know it sucks.”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen this side of Star Wars before! I hope it stays that way,” another wrote.

One more added: “Very cool as a concept… But whoever made this has no idea what makes either Star Wars or Wes Anderson movies great.”

Star Wars is just the latest thing to get the Anderson makeover using AI after people online got to see sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James like never before recently.

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