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Legendary sports athletes given Wes Anderson makeover with AI

Legendary sports athletes given Wes Anderson makeover with AI
Emily Thornberry mulls what campaigning would be like in a Wes Anderson …

Sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James have been given a Wes Anderson makeover with the help of artificial intelligence.

American filmmaker Wes Anderson is known for his iconic and unique signature style, recognisable for its symmetry and colour grading.

Known for films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch, his style has recently taken off on TikTok as users take on the “Wes Anderson challenge” and attempt to find the most symmetrical and Instagrammable places in their area.

Now, with the use of AI technology, World Sports Network has taken the trend to a new level, transforming some of the world’s most-loved athletes into characters in Anderson’s films.

The athletes include tennis legend Serena Williams, American football player Odell Beckham Jr. and basketballer Steph Curry.

Their stylized portraits were created by AI, reimagined as if they had starred in an Anderson movie. AI also generated a title and synopsis for each film.

LeBron James

Harold's Harmonious Haberdashery


Harold, a talented hat maker, designs hats that bestow their wearers with unexpected gifts and talents. As the demand for his creations grows, he must navigate the challenges of fame, success, and the pursuit of true happiness. Harold is both the visionary and the reluctant hero in this whimsical tale.

Serena Williams

A Symphony of Solitude


Lila, a reclusive violin prodigy, is invited to perform at a prestigious concert hall, forcing her to confront her crippling stage fright. As she navigates the world of high society, she uncovers a decades-old secret tied to the disappearance of her grandmother. Lila's role is to unravel her family's history while overcoming her own limitations.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Lighthouse


Cristiano Ronaldo stars as Alvaro Luminoso, a skilled lighthouse keeper with a mysterious past on a remote, picturesque island off the coast of Europe. Isolated from society, Alvaro's solitary existence is interrupted when a diverse group of stranded travellers unexpectedly arrives, each carrying their own secrets and peculiarities. As they form an unlikely community, Alvaro is compelled to confront his own enigmatic history while helping his newfound companions navigate their personal challenges.

Steph Curry

The Curious Conductor

Curry stars as Percival Beaumont, a prodigious yet misunderstood train conductor in the countryside. When an eclectic group of passengers boards his meticulously crafted miniature train, Percival is thrust into a heartwarming adventure full of wit and charm. As he navigates unexpected challenges, quirky friendships, and a clandestine art heist, Percival discovers that life's most profound lessons can be found in the tiniest of details.

Odell Beckham Jr.

The Flight of the Fireflies

Odell Beckham Jr. stars as Ignatius Flicker, a quirky inventor with a passion for creating whimsical, bioluminescent creatures in a quaint European village. As the annual Firefly Festival approaches, Ignatius faces challenges from a rival inventor and a group of eccentric townsfolk who initially misunderstand his unconventional ideas. Through a series of endearing encounters and unexpected alliances, Ignatius ultimately enchants the community with his magical creations, illuminating the night sky in a breathtaking display of wonder.

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