There’s only one thing more iconic than Tracy Beaker –​​ and that’s a Stormzy and Tracy Beaker collaboration.

Yes, that’s right, everyone’s favourite grime star has sampled the Tracy Beaker theme tune on his new album. On the track 'Superheroes', the musician raps about his black idols, including Nina Simone, Dave and Malorie Blackman.

It’s about time that the iconic theme tune – which sound-tracked many a childhood – got the appreciation that it deserves. On the track from his new album Heavy Is The Head, Stormzy mimics the original CBBC title music, which was sung by British R&B singer Keisha White, saying:

I can make world come true, all my dreams will see me through, and if that won't get me down, my dreams will turn things all around, with a smile upon my face, I can sce a better place, doesn't matter what may come my way, believe me now, I will win some day.

There’s a whole lot of love out there for Tracy Beaker: queen of the dumping ground, queen of burning Cam’s kitchen down, queen of telling Justine Littlewood to “bog off!” and making Elaine the Pain’s life a misery.

Naturally, people on social media are obsessed with the new collaboration, which is the most British thing ever.

We have no choice but to stan.

Relive the Tracy Beaker nostalgia here:

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